Facility Pricing

Performance Hall: $1,800 per day (a day consists of 12 hours)

Large Classroom: $65 per hour

Small Classroom: $50 per hour

Lobby: $150 per hour

Dance Studio: $35 per hour

Board Room: $35 per hour


Additional Fee’s

Box Office: $200 performance

Front of House Staff: $200 per performance

Security: $50 per hour (minimum of 4 hours, required if alcohol is served)

Stage Labor: estimated on a per-event basis


Security Deposit Policy

A security deposit is required for use of all spaces at Cain Center for the Arts. The security deposit is refundable at the conclusion of the event during the settlement if all policies, guidelines, and procedures were met; as well as no damage was incurred during the rental. The security deposit for the Performance Hall is $1,000 and is $250 for all other spaces. If multiple spaces are being used, the security deposit will increase based on the number of spaces used. If damage exceeds security deposit, payment will be required at settlement. Cain Center for the Arts reserves the right to require a credit card to be held on file if needed. A complete list of prohibited items as well as Cain Center for the Arts property and their cost is provided at the bottom of the page.


Payment Policy

A deposit equal to the room rental plus the security deposit is required, along with a signed Rental Agreement and Policy Agreement, to confirm date(s). The remaining balance is due 10 business days before the start of the rental. If full balance is not paid by 10 business days, Cain Center for the Arts has the right to terminate the Rental Agreement and refund the security deposit. Room rental deposit is nonrefundable. A rental settlement will be completed within 5 business days of the conclusion of the rental to determine money owed to the renter or to Cain Center for the Arts.

Cain Center for the Arts does not offer any discounts. Cain Center for the Arts has the right to accept or deny any rental event.


Certificate of Insurance Policy

All rental clients must provide insurance for all rental spaces. The policy must cover and include the renter itself, its officers, directors, employees, agents, third parties and external venders and must also list Cain Center for the Arts as Additional Insured with 2 million dollars in coverage (and worker’s comp if applicable). Additional information will be provided upon event confirmation. Certificate of Insurance is required 10 business days before the start of the event.


Furniture Policy

When using the downstairs and upstairs lobbies, the rental client must provide a detailed map of lobby area’s including location of furniture, sound equipment (if applicable) and food serving locations (if applicable).

If rental client is bringing in outside furniture. A detailed map of set up must be provided including company that is providing the additional furniture plus drop off and pick up times.

ALL FURNITURE MUST BE PICKED UP TO MOVE. FURNITURE CAN NOT BE DRAGGED. Dragging furniture will result in loss of security deposit + $1,000 polishing fee to polish the floors.


Production Policy

Use of sound board, lighting equipment & projector comes with the Performance Hall. Only Cain Center for the Arts approved staff is allowed to operate production equipment. Cain Center for the Arts Technical Director MUST approve all individuals who operate production equipment. A Production Manager is required for each theater rental for the time the theater is used (including load in, rehearsals, performances & load out).


Front of House Policy

When the Performance Hall is rented, an Event Manager and Front of House team are required. The Event Manager will coordinate with Back of House on ensuring timelines are followed and will be the point of contact for any Front of House needs. The Front of House team comprises of Ushers & Greeters; they are trained in house policies and emergency procedures and will assist patrons with lobby and performance hall needs.

All tickets being sold MUST go through the Cain Center for the Arts Box Office and the Box Office fee will be applied. Ticket Scanners and individuals to operate scanners will be provided. Ticket fees are required for all tickets purchased and are incurred by the patron at the time of purchase (ticket fee’s range between $3.50 – $9.50 per ticket). This is non-negotiable. No events will be permitted to self-ticket or use outside ticketing services.


Marketing Policy

Cain Center for the Arts offers limited marketing/advertising assistance to all rental clients.

-All ticketed events will be listed on

-All ticketed events will be listed on the scrolling marquee approx. 1 week prior to event date.

-All ticketed events will be included in the Cain Center for the Arts monthly email blast.


Marketing Services NOT PROVIDED

-Design services. All graphics and copy must be provided in a completed state.

-Marketing plans. Cain Center for the Arts does not target rental clients advertising, mailings, etc.

-Individual or specialized email blast.

-Creation of Social Media pages or events.


Catering Policy

If your event is a ticketed event and would like concessions, Cain Center for the Arts can offer catering through our Food & Beverage partner, Bouk Catering.

Cain Center for the Arts’ preferred caterer is Bouk Catering, however, any licensed caterer may be used. To ensure food and service standards are established and maintained, all restaurants and caterers must provide proof of business license and NC Department of Health rating.

Bar Packages can be provided upon request through Cain Center for the Arts.

All catering costs are additional and are to be paid directly to catering service.


Cleaning Policy

Renter must leave all rented spaces in the same fashion and cleanliness that they started with. A walk through with a Cain Center for the Arts representative before and after the rental is required to determine the status of rented areas. Cain Center for the Arts reserves the right to include cleaning services as part of the Rental Agreement to be paid by the renter and to be determined on scope of rental.


Prohibited Items

Glitter, confetti, or silly string of any kind is prohibited.  No powders (such as gender reveal, cosmetic or dusting) including foggers.  No tape or stick/thumb tacks or pins on the walls, ceiling, floor, or furniture including use of markers or pencils on Cain Center for the Arts property. No weapons, drugs, or fires. No outside alcohol. All alcohol must be provided by Cain Center for the Arts OR have a Special Event Permit agreed upon by Cain Center of the Arts staff.

Use of prohibited items will result in rental to be cancelled with no refund. Additional cleaning fee’s will be charge during settlement if prohibited items are used.

A property list for Cain Center for the Arts can be requested in case any Cain Center for the Arts property is damaged during a rental. Renter is responsible for paying, or reimbursing, Cain Center for the Arts for any damage to Cain Center for the Arts property including but not limited to the building, equipment (technical or physical) and 3rd party venders supported by Cain Center for the Arts including artwork & artwork equipment.

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